I’ve joined the /now revolution.

What I’m doing now.

We are in Fall mode—a perfect balance of day and night coupled with the glorious San Francisco weather.

I’m preparing for two keynote talks on empathy and resilience: one for the Women in Camp Summit and the second for the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care. It’s a delight to think about how to best present the principles from my book to create change in the lives of people doing work that matters.

I’m working on a love note installation for the Perch store windows, a riff on a museum installation about empathy adventures. This will be the first (I think?) not interactive love note display I’ve done, with the goal of prompting us to pause and witness each other’s journeys. I’m also creating a community altar for the Marigold Project’s Dia de los Muertos at Parque del Sol.

We launched an online PrEP Navigator Training at  PleasePrEPMe, providing free and easy to access information to support sex-positive and clinically sound HIV prevention navigation services across the U.S.

I’m going to make a DIY reflective jacket for the shorter days and keep riding my bike to work. I’ve committed to grey scale as a way of life, following my read of Digital Minimalism & decluttering my online life. I’m in a Samba performance workshop, working on technique and stage presence for a performance in December. My youngest son and I’ve headed back into the water for Fall surf sessions.

Page updated October 13th, 2019.