I’ve joined the /now revolution.

What I’m doing now.

I’m in Einhoven, Holland visiting my daughter who is on study abroad. It is Spring, Easter, Passover, a Full Moon.

I’m launched my book—Show Up Hard: A Road Map for Helpers in Crisis. (Sign up for the 30-day e-course here.) I’m headed to New York next week for talks at the New York Public Library and Bronx Lebanon hospital.

I just concluded my Belonging installation in the window at Madrone Art Bar. As well as a three month installation at 826 Valencia.

I’m noodling on a new love note installation in collaboration with The Poetry Store/Silvi Alcivar. We are seeking a large blank wall in the Bay Area (ideally San Francisco or Oakland) for an interactive installation.  Open access and frequent foot traffic a plus. If you have such a wall hit me up: shannon@LoveYou2.org

We are close to announcing the expansion of PleasePrEPMe chat to a new state. Terribly excited to bring this cutting edge HIV prevention resource in the online space to a new community.

I’m leaving my role with HIVE. After 14 years in the perinatal HIV space and 7 years directing HIVE, this transition is a chapter in my life. Ripe for reflection, introspection and a savasanna to integrate all that I have learned.

I’m tracking the cycle of the moon, practicing for carnaval with my dance group Sambaxe, reading The Best Place to Work and She Wants It. and starting my mornings with a tall glass of fresh celery juice.

Page updated April 19, 2019.