I’ve joined the /now revolution.

What I’m doing now.

2020 is looking shiny and bright. I’ve enjoyed a slow transition to the new year at the invitation of a brutal cold that has invited me to sleep and rest more than any period I can remember in years.

I’m noodling on what is next for Show Up Hard; imagining what a radically empathetic and engaged workforce would look like.

I’m coaching a few love note ambassadors on setting up interactive love note displays for the Valentine season. I’ve learned about a fantastic artist residency opportunity I can apply for beginning in March, and just letting my brain explode with new ideas for interactive art installations.

Monday will be the PleasePrEPMe annual meeting where I look forward to reflecting and setting goals with our team.  2020 will be a transformational year for PleasePrEPMe as we will transition into a new partnership with an existing center providing infrastructure support and institutional stability.

I’m doing 100 days of lasting change with This Naked Mind, exploring presense with morning and evening meditations from Gabrielle Bernstein’s May Cause Miracles, and learning about the Tarot from Lindsay Mack.

Page updated January 11,2020.