I’ve joined the /now revolution.

What I’m doing now.

I’m safer at home practicing physcial distancing and finding new ways to be socially connected.  I’m taking turns on wifi with my kids as they finish courses online. We are working on family meals three times a day, exercising adventures, and talking about what is working and not working for each of us. My morning rituals: journaling, meditation, exercise are helping me feel balanced and present.

I’m sharing widely the free 30-day e-course for Show Up Hard; supporting people experiencing overwhelm to return to a joyful practice..

I’m wrapping up a 30-day love note campaign – developing daily rituals for noticing and acknowleding the meaning of our connections.

PleasePrEPMe is participating as a team in a book club working through the exercises in Me and White Supremacy. I am so grateful to be in conversation about privledge, allyship and antiracism work.

Page updated April 16,2020.