I’ve joined the /now revolution.

What I’m doing now.

I’m in San Francisco, CA. It a new year: 2019.

I’m launching my book—Show Up Hard: A Road Map for Helpers in Crisis. I’m preparing for a series of book launch events. Sign up for the 30-day e-course here.

The love notes are in the window at Madrone Art Bar. The Belonging installation will be up through the end of March, with the Divisidero Art Walk event on March 21st.  Pass by any time and contribute a love note in the mailboxes on the outside of the bar.

I’m creating a new installation to go into the window at 826 Valencia this week.

We are close to announcing the expansion of PleasePrEPMe chat to a new state. Terribly excited to bring this cutting edge HIV prevention resource in the online space to a new community.

I’m intrigued with creating belonging at work, what makes thriving teams, and discovering my role in contributing to belonging in the work space.

I’m tracking the cycle of the moon, hitting the gym more days that not, and starting my mornings with a tall glass of fresh celery juice.

Page updated January 12th, 2019.