A social worker by training, I love to start a revolution. My serial social entrepreneur ventures have in common my fascination with opportunities to deeply connect and to create change in small moments.

I am based at the University of California – San Francisco, where I am the founder and director of PleasePrEPMe.org.  As a hub for HIV prevention resources, at PleasePrEPMe we connect with people seeking health information online and through our chat navigation services, support folks in realizing their sexual health goals.

In 2019 I published Show Up Hard: A Road Map For Helpers In Crisis, my manifesto to fellow empaths and change makers to not burnout. Through online and in person leadership development and organizational change workshops, I support teams doing work that matters to not burnout.

For nearly a decade, I’ve painted love notes and hung them in public spaces without permission. I’m also an avid writer of paper love notes, creating templates to invite others to share my passion for offering “proofs of love” to family, friends and strangers. My love note adventures are chronicled at www.LoveYou2.org, along with free love note templates. Oh, and the Love Superhero Hall of Gratitude. Because who does not need a cape?

xo, Shannon Weber